Cage-Free Eggs High in Vitamins D & E, Choline, Lutein, and Omega 3

When it comes to nutrition, Rose Acre Farms® eggs are hard to surpass. Among specialty eggs on the market, however, Rose Acre Farms GOLDEN-PREMIUM ® eggs easily stand out among the best.

What makes a GOLDEN-PREMIUM ® egg so special?

  • Each GOLDEN-PREMIUM ® egg is packed with nutrition, including:
    • 100mg Omega 3
    • 35% Recommended Daily Value of Vitamin D
    • 10 times more Vitamin E than conventional eggs
    • 145mcg (micrograms) Lutein
    • 125mg Choline
  • GOLDEN-PREMIUM ® eggs are cage-free.
  • Although shell color doesn’t directly affect the nutritional content of eggs, many consumers associate brown eggs with more natural and wholesome nutrition. Brown eggs offer an aesthetic that complements the nutritional profile of the GOLDEN-PREMIUM ® eggs

How do we make GOLDEN-PREMIUM ® Eggs so high in Vitamin E and Vitamin D?
We use extensive science and technology to formulate grain-based diets rich in vitamins and nutrients to feed the hens that lay GOLDEN-PREMIUM ® eggs. This special diet, along with our commitment to the health and welfare of our chickens, contributes to healthy chickens and healthy eggs.

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