Sport Protein TM

Egg Protein Powder the Experts Use

Sport Protein

Egg white protein remains the gold standard in protein powders. Providing a high bioavailability factor and shelf-life of 12 months, our Sport Protein powder is an economical choice for serious athletes everywhere. Compared to other protein powders made from soy or whey, egg white protein powder offers a far superior nutritional profile, including several important amino acids essential for building and maintaining lean muscle. Each two-tablespoon serving of Sport Protein is equivalent to three egg whites, contains 10g body soluble protein, is fat free and carbohydrate free, and has no additives. It is simply 100% natural, 100% pure egg white protein powder.  

Rose Acre Farms offers Sport Protein TM in bulk boxes ranging from two to 10 pounds, to health food suppliers and businesses as well as directly to consumers. To learn more or purchase Sport Protein, visit our Sport Protein site.

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Sport Protein