Rose Acre Farms ® Liquid Eggs

liquid eggs

Rose Acre Farms prepares fresh, pasteurized liquid eggs from domestic chicken eggs. The USDA continuously monitors our liquid egg production, and all our liquid egg products are certified Kosher. Our breaker plants are designed to handle a large volume of eggs, producing liquid whole egg, egg yolk, egg whites and other blends for industrial, food service, and retail customers.

Quality Control

As a streamlined production egg producer, Rose Acre Farms controls the quality of laying flocks and eggs, as well as conditions within breaker plants. The USDA conducts on-site inspection and supervision on a daily basis. Rose Acre Farms meets or exceeds all USDA requirements, and all of our breaker plants are SQF 2000 Level 3 status facilities. We have our own in-house labs and testing facilities, which allows us to monitor quality and safety issues in real time, and outside labs also perform frequent audits for an additional layer of quality control verification.

Flexibility in Volume, Packaging, and Delivery

Because of our internal supply of eggs and the geographic diversity of our three breaker plants, we can guarantee shipments of liquid egg products in any quantity. Rose Acre Farms works with our customers’ design teams to customize labeling, and maintains a high degree of flexibility on container options, including table top cartons, bag-in-box, totes and tankers of various sizes and designs.

Our liquid egg products are available in any volume, and can be shipped in full truckloads or LTL.

Rose Acre Farms Liquid Eggs come in:

  • Whole, Yolk and Whites
  • Retail Cholesterol free and egg whites
  • Custom blended, sugar, salt, etc.

- 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz cartons

- 20lb, 30lb, and 40lb bag-in-box

- 2,000lb tote

- 48,000lb tankers

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Liquid Eggs