Rose Acre Farms® Dried Eggs

Rose Acre Farms has been perfecting dried egg processing since we opened our first dryer plant in 1994. Our internationally-known industrial customers rely on Rose Acre Farms for quality and guaranteed continuity of service.

Quality and Food Safety

Rose Acre Farms goes above and beyond regulatory and safety requirements to ensure that our dried egg products are the highest quality dried eggs on the market. We are a streamlined production company, which helps us to control the quality and safety of our products—from breeding and laying to further processing plants. Onsite USDA inspectors and labs, internal labs as well as frequent audits from outside labs, ensure the quality and safety of Rose Acre Farms® dried eggs. Our dryer plants use a spray-drying technique that yields a uniformly high-quality dried egg powder with a high level of stability and a long shelf life.  

Availability and Depth of Resources

Streamlined production means we not only control the quality of our eggs, we also control the quantity. Rose Acre Farms guarantees continuity of service because of our geographical diversification and streamlined production.

Streamlined production also holds costs down, which means Rose Acre Farms prices are highly competitive.

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Dried Eggs