The Science and Technology of Food Safety

Scientific Breakthroughs

Throughout our history, Rose Acre Farms has been on the forefront of the science of animal husbandry, egg production and food safety. From inventing processing procedures in order to minimize risk of contamination, to developing more energy efficient proprietary pasteurization methods, our technical service group continues to contribute to the egg production industry’s knowledge base and best practices. 

Technological Advances

Rose Acre Farms remains committed to using the best technology and automation in all aspects of egg processing, which enhances food safety and mitigates risks. Environmental monitoring, smart cameras that filter for egg flaws, and enhanced inspection technology are just a few of the ways our technical service group has advanced our ability to ensure food safety. 

Internal Labs and External Audits

We have strategically equipped some of our facilities with on-site labs so we can monitor and test for diseases and other health concerns with some of the quickest and best methods. This allows us to contain potential problems long before they enter the food supply. Our labs also test for shelf life and monitor food safety and handling procedures on a continual basis. To complement our internal testing, Rose Acre Farms also brings in outside labs to audit our internal laboratories. This additional layer of protection adds an even greater degree of safety to our eggs.

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Food Safety Science