Rose Acre Farms Food Safety Monitoring Programs

We maintain a number of ongoing monitoring programs designed to ensure food safety and quality in our animal care facilities as well as in our eggs and egg production facilities. Because we use streamlined production for our egg production, we can more easily maintain oversight of all aspects of our operations, which results in better food safety and quality control management.

Audits and Inspections

Both internal and external inspections, audits and labs monitor our egg production on a daily basis in each of our facilities. These programs include:

  • USDA representatives work on-site at many of our facilities, providing outside oversight and guidance of our egg processing. Many of our facilities offer USDA Graded eggs.
  • Each of our facilities has a Quality Control Staff who audits every process in the facility and performs internal testing.  
  • Additional audits performed by outside parties provide an additional layer of assurance.
  • An on-staff veterinarian monitors flock mortality and disease. In addition to our veterinarian's requested lab work, each flock undergoes routine testing under state and federal guidelines. 
  • Many of our inspection procedures, including smart cameras and environmental monitoring-such as air temperature in the laying houses, are automated to reduce the risk of human error and contamination. 
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Food Safety Monitoring Programs