The Rose Acre Farms Animal Welfare Program

At Rose Acre Farms, our corporate culture is built on a commitment to animal care. In addition to meeting or exceeding industry standards and certifications, we developed our own Animal Welfare Program to further advance the health and welfare of the chickens in every stage of their life cycles.

Facility Improvement

Our technical service group researches chicken health at all stages of their lives and uses the information to advance our understanding and best practices for facility design and how to optimize environmental conditions in chicken houses. We look for innovative ways to design chicken cages and cage-free roosts that keep the animals safer. We also design feed formulations to ensure that the food our chickens receive at different life stages meets their nutritional needs without waste. We have staff who monitor the birds and makes adjustments to help maximize the welfare and production of the birds.

Employee Training

Rose Acre Farms employees are trained in bird health and handling. Rose Acre Farms maintains a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to violating animal care policies.

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Animal Welfare Program