Company History

Rose Acre Farms began as a small family operation with 1,000 hens, but has grown to become one of America's largest egg producers. Today, we remember the company's history while still honoring the Rust family's values that have characterized Rose Acre Farms from the beginning.


The first two Rose Acre hen houses were constructed and had 500 hens each- a significant number for that time.

The first commercial Rose Acre Farms eggs sold.


The Rust Family sold eggs to local produce markets.


David Rust began selling eggs at the Indianapolis Farmer's Market and small grocery stores.

Grocery store owners asked for store delivery, so David started an egg route and purchased eggs from local farmers in Jackson County to supplement the eggs from his hens.

The first Rose Acre Farms egg laying house was built.

1960s- 1980s

Rose Acre Farms continued to expand throughout the Midwest.


Three new Midwest facilities were added to Rose Acre Farms, and the company began to expand into the Southern U.S.


Expansion continued with the addition of five other facilities throughout the Midwest and Southeast United States.


Present Day

Rose Acre Farms is an industry-leader in egg production with 15 facilities in seven states.

The Rust family is still active in the company's activities.




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