Christopher™ Eggs

Packed with Omega 3 for Incredible Nutrition

Christopher Eggs

Rose Acre Farms proudly produces ChristopherTM Eggs.

Why are Christopher ™ Eggs so exclusive? 

The incredible quality and nutritional content of ChristopherTM Eggs requires a precisely calibrated scientific feed formula. The diet we feed hens who produce ChristopherTM Eggs is a vegetarian feed containing over 50 types of nutrient-rich vegetables. When the European creators of ChristopherTM Eggs looked for a United States egg producer to take on the mantle of these specialty eggs, Rose Acre Farms was their natural choice.

What makes Christopher ™ Eggs so special?

  • You’d have to eat 13 conventional eggs to equal the Omega 3 content of just one ChristopherTM Egg.   
  • ChristopherTM Eggs are the only eggs on the market that can claim the preferred 1:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fats.  

We take animal care and nutritional composition seriously, just as you and your customers do. To learn more about ChristopherTM Eggs, contact the Rose Acre Farms Sales Team today.

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Christopher Eggs